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 All of our wiring harnesses are first rate with ALL NEW GXL grade wire. Why and what is GXL? GXL is a designation for the thickness and type of jacket used to insulate the wire and provide heat protection to the wire. TXL is considered an extra thin jacketed wire with a heat rating of -49*F to 257*F. GXL has the same heat rating but a thicker jacket, almost 20% thicker. GXL also designates that it is a chemically cross linked polyethylene jacket that can withstand the heat and chemicals of an engine compartment.

Delphi is the only product line that we use for our connectors so that all of the connectors are correct fit and meet OEM standards. We only use the crimping methods that are recommended by Delphi. All of our splice locations, for example “1 wire turning into 4” are woven and/or mechanically crimped together and then the splice is soldered, then there is a piece of shrink tubing that is placed over the splice that has a glue sealing agent inside so that when heat is applied to the tube it shrinks the tube and melts the glue that seals the connection and provides wire support at that splice. That splice will NOT come apart.

All of our harnesses feature isolated grounding to prevent ground loops and transient interference.

All of our harnesses also feature isolated fuse placement for superior circuit protection.

WE ARE HERE to provide you with the BEST fuel injection wiring harness that you can buy for the money. If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase that you make, please return it within 7 days and we will gladly refund your money less shipping. If you have any problems that happen to be a workmanship issue we will take care of you for as long as you own the harness.

Another process that we offer is to cover the harness in either 300*F corrugated split tube (standard) or 1200*F fiberglass sheath. The split corrugated tube is not the shiny plastic stuff that auto parts stores sell but rather the higher temp covering found on GM cars and trucks. If you want to go full tilt we offer a 1200*F fiberglass woven sheath (not plastic) that the wiring is fed through, each seam is dual bond shrink booted. This offers the most protection and looks the best as well. This covering is a must for rock climbers and sand rails as well as that picture perfect show car.

All of our harnesses have been designed by engineers that have spent countless hours of research designing the routing and placement of all of the harnesses sensors and controls so that when you go to put it on your engine, it will fit right and you will be amazed at how easy they are to install.

Feel free to call and ask questions about your specific application at 303-641-6400



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