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Thank you for visiting us at LT1 wiring harness . com

So you have found that perfect LT1 for your project? There are many good reasons to use the LT1 engine. Because they are engineered using the basic small block Chevrolet, they will fit into just about anything that had a V-8 in it already, sometimes with NO modifications at all. They have great power and good fuel economy.

Weather you choose the aluminum headed Corvette or F-Body engine or the cast iron version found in the Buick Road-master/Caprice, you will love the way they run.

We offer LT1 wiring harnesses specifically for the 1994-1995 engines. The typical ECM/PCM number is 16188051. If this is what you have then we can get you going. We offer PCM reprogramming with the purchase of our LT1 wiring harness.


Fuel Injection Connection .com has been building GM EFI fuel injection systems since 1993. There are so many engines and types to choose from, TPI, TBI, LT1, LS1 just to mention a few. Fuel Injection Connection has the harness that you need and LT1 wiring harness . com has the price that you want.  We custom build race car harnesses, classic car engine conversion harnesses, inboard  v8 boat conversions, rock crawler harnesses, and many other applications. We have the harness you want, the harness  you need  for extreme  engine performance.


All of our harnesses feature 20 gauge multi-strand GXL jacketed wire. All of our harnesses are color coded to match GM schematics for easy troubleshooting.



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