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That's right LT1 wiring harness for $445 The free programming of your PCM will  remove the VATS system and set up shifting points along with removing the unwanted trouble codes.


Look at the pictures shown; each connector is clearly labeled to the specific part that it goes to. The harness lays out on the engine perfectly. The length of the harness trunk from the rear of the engine to the PCM placement is about 48 to 54 inches so that you can place the PCM just about anywhere. If you need it longer, we can do it. We will add fan wiring and emission wiring if you need it as well. Our harnesses feature among other things Isolated grounding to eliminate possible ground "looping" or "floating" ground. Each power circuit is protected by replaceable fuses, Relays are included for needed switching. Give us a call and we will be glad to work to your order. We build quality and we sell all over the world.

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